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We provide relevant information & ideas to clients to develop campaigns in line with their marketing plan & channels of trade. In addition to media release, we have a research capability that monitors response.

Design & Production

Print (News paper / Magazine Ads), Radio, Outdoor & Online Advertising

Brochures / Company profiles / Annual reports

Newsletters, Posters, Pamphlets, Direct Mailers etc

Packaging, Point of Purchase Displays, Product Labels etc

Outdoor Advertisements


Marketing Strategies / Public Relations

Client Advertising provides the answers to your marketing queries. We help your business enact a comprehensive marketing plan by advising you on vital decisions that can make or break you. These include,

Community, Media and Government relations

Direct Marketing

Media Analysis, Planning and Advertising placement

Analyzing marketing mix of media channels

Differentiating products and identifying USPs

Building competitive edge through tools that suit your specific needs

Market Research and Survey

Segmenting your customers by who they are, how they think, what they do, what they know, what media they consume, what they believe in, and what is important to them building strong products and branding

Corporate Identity Development / Branding

Corporate Identity is a vital element of branding. We create / restyle your Corporate Identity by

Presenting an integrated, strong, instantly recognizable and individual image

Work the branding into the design and layout of premises

Devise a distinctive logo and corporate colors

We also specialize in Safety Branding

Interactive CD-Rom Development

Interactive marketing is a key to a broad customer base, transcending traditional advertising mediums by reaching a global market. We create interactive catalogs on CD-ROMs that range from an informational showcase to a dynamic presentation with motion & sound & virtual tours. These are suitable for distribution at Trade shows, Presentations, Product launches etc. & can be given as a substitute to a conventional brochure.

Client Advertising works with you to produce dynamic CD-ROMs and provides the following production services

Project Management

Layout and Design

Creative Artwork

Writing Scripts / Storyboards


Packaging and Duplication

Our trade shows presentations offer an excellent highway of visibility that increases traffic to your booth. Along with this, we can also create CD/DVDs that showcase your company and explain your services, while co-coordinating with your trade booth.

Website Design And Virtual Reality Development

Your website is the window that offers your global customer base a glimpse of your company profile. We design browser friendly websites that consider your complex needs as well as your customer interests. We handle / restyle your website that may be purely informative or incorporate in addition shopping carts / animated graphics / virtual reality demos and tours to realize the full potential of your site

Online Marketing

Website and Home page development

Icon design

Cyberspace marketing strategies

Project Co-ordination


Event Management

As part of the marketing plan, we organize and produce events and promotions that generate leads, build customer loyalty, or raise brand value and awareness. We provide

Consultation on themes

Customer focus and sequence of events

Implementation of the actual event

Advice on effectiveness of sponsorships and promotions

Films / Television Production

Client Advertising handles efficiently, one of the most powerful media Films. We have a fully fledged in-house team who handle all aspects of Studio and Field production right from Program Proposals, Treatments to Production. We also handle sponsorships of productions specifically tailor-made to your requirements.


Corporate films


Television Programmes

Safety films

Induction films & Training Videos

Corporate Give-Aways

We also suggest Gift based programs, loyalty programs, developing corporate gifts in line with the Corporate identity etc.